Monday, June 30, 2008

words I say and sign - VII

This will be the last recorded entry of Naiya's language development.  It's just expanding too quickly for me to take note at this point, and I can no longer recall what is new and what isn't.  Other than vocabulary, she's also begun to speak in the possessive.  The ball is "Naiya's" and the cup is "Mommy's".  At a year and eight months I think we can already safely say we're going to have quite a talker on our hands.

June, 2008
necklace, sticker, blue, donkey, pants, upside down, boots, wha's da' (what's that), wow, goose/geese, kitty cat, puppy dog, six, eight, Nikki, bluebird, Gus, Hank, Paul, Mat, pink, sun, banana, lock, basketball, bucket, potty, blanket, bacon and butter

Friday, June 27, 2008


Our lovely little girl has begun to learn her colors! Yes that’s right. “Naiya, what color is that car?” “Blue!” our darling one answers. (Isn’t it amazing?!) “What color is your dress?” “Blue!” she joyfully says. “What color is mommy’s hair?” “Blue!” she gleefully giggles...Uh, okay...admittedly, there is some work to do there. Occasionally she will actually say “pink” as well. I don’t even know if she understands what color is. She does know that “blue” is a good answer to that question though. It always gets a laugh.

Monday, June 23, 2008


A few days ago Naiya and I were sharing a snack. We were sitting on opposite sides of a table, so whenever she wanted to give some of her treats to mommy, she had to walk around the table to bring me a little tidbit. (She likes to share.) She fed me a blueberry a couple of times and then on her third trip, as she was walking toward me, she popped the berry into her mouth just before she arrived. She was still holding out her hand when she stopped in front of me, confused...looking up at could see her little mind trying to work it out...she didn’t quite realize that she’d eaten the blueberry herself! I asked her, “Is that my blueberry in your mouth?” A big grin exploded across her face and her shoulders shrugged up as she tilted her head slightly back (those of you who have spent some time with her may recall that silly, mischievous gesture) then she ran back to her side of the table only to quickly return...this time pushing that delicious treat into mommy’s laughing mouth.
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