Tuesday, June 19, 2012

midsummer's eve

Midsummer's Eve and its related holidays are celebrated at various times by different groups of people around the world.  Each year it falls somewhere between June 20th and 25th as do the festivals of Summer Solstice and St. John's Tide or the feast of St. John the Baptist.  This time of year is one of breathing out, of inner and outer expansiveness.  The structure of school is set aside and the crops (large scale or small) have mostly been planted.  It is a time to relax and let go.

Traditionally midsummer bonfires are lit wherein the "sun substance" in tree wood is released to become fire again.  On the day of the Solstice, we gather with friends, build a great fire, eat, dance, sing, create and play in the glorious sun.  

Before that day of frolicking though, our family enjoys a quiet afternoon and evening preparing and offering gratitude for the goodness we enjoy year round.  Midsummer for us is a time to honor the elemental spirits of the earth.  In our home we talk about them as fairies and gnomes and traditionally this is a night of great festivities in their world.  To offer them thanks for all that they do to help the processes that sustain our lives, we mark this occasion by baking them special little sweets for their all-night celebrations.

This year we found these tiny cookie cutters and baked and decorated mini cookies and cakes to leave for them in their garden.

We made so many we had to add an extra buffet table.
 Naiya also wanted to leave a bowl of slightly more nutritious raisins to sustain them through the night.

 Usually the Fairy Queen will leave a little something beautiful from the natural world for our daughter in return.  We shall see what Solstice morning brings...


  1. Those are so terribly cute! I must do this for the fall. Thanks for sharing

  2. Omg how cute. I will so do that next year!!


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