Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the single most used and useful children's thing we own

 I remember before Naiya was born how Ryan and I went to register for things we needed.  Neither of us had ever been around infants or small children and had absolutely no way to discern what was actually necessary and what some baby-something manufacturer was just trying to sell to us.  In the fragile state of pre-parenthood, we tended toward overcompensation.  We just had no idea.  If you're a parent yourself and ever walked through the double sliding glass doors into a mega baby warehouse, you likely know what I'm talking about.
Of all the kid accoutrements that have littered our house over the years, by far The Single Most Used and Useful Children's Thing We Own is this wooden stand (seen also here) that my dad made for our kitchen out of scraps he had in his garage.  Almost from the time she could stand we have placed Naiya on it to watch over and assist us as we prepare, cook and clean in the room in which we spend probably 70% of our indoor day.  I figure it's going to last us until she's at least five or six.
If ever you're wondering what a new parent or parent of a toddler really needs, I'm telling you, it's one of these.

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