Tuesday, February 27, 2007

doctor's visit

I had meant to do an update after each of Naiya’s doctor’s visits but after her four month I seem to have gotten a bit busy so this one’s coming a little late. Her early February visit went smoothly. She got another batch of immunizations which she handled fairly well. She cried really hard for about a minute and then was totally calm. It kind of freaked me out because she got all these rashy looking patches on her face and I thought it might be a reaction to the vaccine (which Ryan and I are a little bit wary of already). It turns out though that she just usually doesn’t cry that hard and it was only the stress of crying that made her skin all crazy. It went away after ten minutes or so. Our doctor (a lovely woman with three young children of her own) said Naiya was growing and developing right on track. She had a hard time talking during part of our visit because Naiya kept laughing and distracting us both.
Naiya is especially social this past couple of months with giggles and grins when anyone engages her. She’s also sitting up fairly well (even occasionally without assistance within the last couple of days). She doesn’t roll over yet but we have been assured that since the advent of back sleeping instead of stomach sleeping, the later rolling over is quite normal. We’re working on having more playtime on her tummy but she really doesn’t like it (unless our cat is sitting in front of her…in which case she remains propped up on her elbows seemingly mesmerized by his shiny fur and oblivious to the fact that she’s still on her stomach). She is reaching for and grasping objects but has little control of where they go once in her hands. She also, of course, reaches for things with her mouth and likes to stick her whole hand in there if she can. I don’t recall her measurements from her last visit but last night she weighed 18 pounds and she’s about 26 inches tall. She’s in the 90th and 95th percentiles. That means she’s just about outgrown her baby bathtub. (She likes baths with mommy and daddy better anyhow.)

In addition to all of our daily adventures, this month we also did a lot of visiting. We had our first out-of-our-own-house-overnight-stay with Grandma and Grandpa in Camp Sherman. (For a three night visit our car was totally jam packed!) It’s been cold out there so we spent a lot of time indoors and it was really nice. Ryan can really use the down time relaxing (we used the hot tub a couple of nights…aaaaaaaaah…) and I love the company and that Naiya gets to spend time with and get to know her grandparents. We also did a bit of wedding research and planning while we were there. We switched up our cabins at the lodge and visited the Community Center where the wedding and reception will be held. It’s a lovely, recently renovated building for which I was trying to gather decorating ideas. We shall see…

My mum and dad also just came to visit for my birthday. It’s the first time they’ve seen Naiya since the couple weeks after she was born.

Monday, February 19, 2007

three generations

Despite appearances, these three women are actually closely related.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

the classic photo

Why do infants clothes have pockets? (This, more than anything else, has been one of motherhood’s greatest mysteries for me.)

And you know that baby smell that people love? (Well, I love that smell.) But wait! I can’t smell it on my own baby!! It’s a big let down actually, because I Do Love That Smell. Perhaps it’s because I’m around her all the time? Or maybe she just smells like a baby version of me? No one tells you these things. Like how no one told us about projectile poop or just how much darn fun it is to sit and stare all day at this incredible little being.
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