Friday, February 20, 2009

log gnomes

This was originally the idea of a two year old. We had a basket of cut sticks from the hedge out front sitting on our coffee table in the living room, and Naiya played with them as though they were little people. (My intention was, indeed, for her to think up their use.) I believe one stick in particular had a couple of knots in it that looked a bit like a face. Anyhow, one day I pulled back the bark and drew a little face on one. She kept asking me to put faces on all the other chunks and it became a game. After a while I just thought these folks could use some clothes.
That’s the way it goes with most of our crafts. They morph from one thing into something more elaborate but perhaps not as nakedly imaginative as they began.
These are clothed in craft felt glued on with Tacky Glue. The cloaks and hats are trimmed with a simple blanket stitch of embroidery floss.

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