Saturday, October 10, 2009

harvest festival

With the last of everyone's yummy summer crops coming to an end, today it was the Harvest Celebration at Naiya's school. We enjoyed a giant, delicious community potluck as well as some fun Autumn games (like gourd bowling and the corn ring toss) and also a bit of wax leaf dipping, wet felting and pumpkin carving. Actually, all those things were available to do but really we just ate, watched other children and played in the grass. Our little one was staying mostly in our arms. She was, however, pretty keen on the sweets table. Also, she did run from our grasp in support of the third grade bake sale :)

Friday, October 2, 2009

third birthday

This year we celebrated Naiya's birthday with family and friends at Kruger's Farm on Sauvie Island.  We couldn't decide on a cake so, since she turned three we made three.  Ryan made three, I should say.  And they were a hit.  Most of our guests were gone by early afternoon but Naiya didn't want to leave so for many more hours she and Uncle Tim explored the farm, took another hay ride, sang and danced in the gazebo and even found a fuzzy caterpillar in the sunflower rows.

The day had begun overcast, drizzly and gray but by noon it was a perfect blue sky filled with cotton clouds.
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