Sunday, June 5, 2011

nature's art caddy

I've been wanting to get Naiya's thick Stockmar crayons and twiggy colored pencils out of their decorative flower pot for a while now.  I was imagining something that would keep them neatly arranged and also allow her to see them all at once.

Today I came across the central branch of last year's Christmas tree stuck in the corner of our garage and decided to take a chunk of it over to Oma and Opa's house (where Opa has much better power tools than we've got) to have Opa drill some holes for this cool art supply caddy.

There isn't much of a how-to here obviously.  Opa just chose a drill bit slightly larger than the diameter of the crayons and pencils and drilled holes about 3/4" deep.  (He used a drill press which makes perfectly vertical holes but one could use a hand-held drill as well I suppose.)  Afterward we sanded the rough edges.  I was going to take off the little stems around the perimeter but, you know, I thought they looked kind of nice.

Sometime I ought to write about the 101 uses for an old Christmas tree.

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