Friday, June 17, 2011

our beloved school

I talk about our Waldorf school with some frequency here.  It's a beautiful place that is like a second home to us where we learn from life's teachers almost as much as our daughter does.  Here we gather with our friends, celebrate our festivals, witness the many talents of children of various ages, attend the occasional lecture and sometimes just wander the stunning seven acre property.  

We have attended parent-child classes and pre-kindergarten in the same peaceful room with the same wonderful teacher since before Naiya was even a year old.  As this particular school year came to a close then, we said our farewells both to the amazing woman and to that lovely room that has held us in its warm and comforting embrace for most of Naiya's life.  We look forward to our new kindergarten (just two doors down) next year but will miss the familiar comfort we have come to regard so highly.

What will remain the same when we return next year is the area in which all the children of the early childhood grades play.  As a kindergartener, Naiya will will become one of the big kids then (albeit one of the younger) as she frolics under the eaves of the barn, climbs on the walnut stumps or creates any number of stories and adventures in the sand area with old and new found friends.

But those are moments to come and our sweet yesterdays are now in the past.  Today we feel gratitude for our beloved school and open our minds, hearts and arms to whatever wonder the next moment of this day might bring...


  1. Ok... letting out a little squeal. I don't even remember how I came across your blog but with this post and now looking back at odler posts I realize I know you!! Ha,ha!! How did I not know this was you?! Oh, this is Nicole, btw - Kaulini, Ciara and Lucian's Mama.
    So happy to have found you on here :) Playdates this summer, please :)

  2. Beautiful blog you have. Your school looks lovely.

  3. Hi Nicole. What a small world :) Yes, let's play! I've tried to send you a longer message via email...


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