Wednesday, November 23, 2011

hanging paper snowflake star

With snow on our minds and winter fast approaching with its accompanying festive mood, I decided to finally figure out these paper stars (which look a bit like giant snowflakes) that I saw in a local shop window last year.  Paper is such a great (and inexpensive) medium for holiday decorations I think, and this particular ornament is relatively easy considering how impressive it looks.
These snowflake stars can be made in any size and color and require only a few supplies (glue, ruler, pencil and scissors) in addition to six square sheets of paper.  In the tutorial below, I used regular printer paper but I'd recommend something thicker to give the structure more support especially if one is making a large version.

Begin by creating a square of the desired size and folding it on the diagonal.
(One could just begin cutting freehand at this point creating a number of lines parallel to the outer edge but I'm not great at freehand, so I pre-mark my cuts using a ruler and pencil...)

Very lightly mark the long folded edge at even intervals with small hash lines.  (I'm using a thick red marker here for illustration purposes.)  When working with an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper cut down to a square, the diagonal will measure exactly 12".  I marked my fold at each inch.
Using those hash lines as an interval guide, lay the ruler parallel to one shorter edge and lightly draw a line from the bottom fold to just short of the center point.  Repeat for the other edge creating guidelines like those shown here in red.

With scissors or an exacto knife, cut up through the fold toward the top point along the lines stopping short of the center by about 1/4" on each side.

Unfold the paper.  As seen below, the un-cut center line holds a number of cut squares together right down the middle. 

Starting with the center square, fold the smallest two triangles together and glue them.  (I used the pencil to help support the rounded shape as the corners were pressed together.)

A glue stick works fine for thinner paper.  For thicker stock a different adhesive and paper clips might be needed to help maintain the bind.  (The paper clips would, of course, just be temporary.)

Turn the paper over and glue the next two triangles on the opposite side.

Continue gluing on alternate sides until the sheet is complete.

It's pretty already isn't it?  Naiya and I painted, glittered and hung a number of these in our windows last year.  We used the squares and also tried diamonds, ovals and even a star shape.  They're lovely as they twirl in the slightest breeze.

To make the beautiful snowflake star though, you'll need to make five more of this same design.

When they're all complete, the six pieces get glued together at the centers as well as at the mid-point corners.  Again, I just used a glue stick.

Thread and hang from one point when complete, then marvel and your handiwork.


  1. Oh, wow, that seems so simple! Thank you for sharing this. We've been having overly warm weather this past wk. Perhaps some of these pretty flakes hanging in our windows would at least coax a chill out.

  2. The perfect craft to keep fourth grade hands busy.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi, I arrived here via Creative friday. The star is gorgeous! What a beautiful effect. I'll have to gove it a go this Season. Thanks for sharing.

  4. My child isn't the greatest at cutting straight lines but you're right, for kids who can manage it, this is a great children's craft!

  5. this is fantastic, never seen anything like it before. Lovely

  6. thank you,, awesome tutorial..


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