Tuesday, April 24, 2007

what to eat

Naiya has tried rice cereal, oat cereal, avocado and yams. Next is maybe peas or yogurt. What fun! It is still more an experiment for her than a nutritional experience. Today she gagged and threw up the yams. Maybe they were too thick or perhaps she was just not hungry. She's interested in the process but doesn't seem to connect it to eating. She has started drinking some water from a cup but mostly she puts some in her mouth and then it dribbles down her chin. Still... she does it over and over and that's something. She laughs so perhaps it is yet another fun and exciting game?

She's not pulling herself up to a sitting position yet, but does lean on one hand while she plays with something in the other. A few weeks ago I had thought she would start crawling soon, but now I am not so sure. She seems quite content with her current repertoire of movement... as if she doesn't see the need to get anywhere she isn't already.

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