Friday, April 10, 2009


Naiya’s diction is usually pretty good. There are times when I understand everything. However, there are also times when she seemingly speaks an entire paragraph and I catch not one word. I think at those times she is just making sound...and she knows it. When she is really talking I think it is rare that I can’t make out at least something.
She does have a couple of cute errors that are consistent though. Spoons, for example, she has always called “Poons”. The other day Ryan and I were trying to get her to correct it. “SSSSSSSSpoon,” we’d say. “Poon!” she’d pronounce and then giggle. “SSSSSSSSSpoon,” we’d try again. “Poon!” she’d cry, bursting with laughter. “SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSpoon!” once more, REALLY emphasizing the “S”.
“P’soon!” she finally says.
And we made the fatal error of laughing. A lot.
At least they’re not poons anymore.
Now they’re P’soons every time.

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