Monday, November 2, 2009


My folks live in a really wonderful neighborhood where a lot of people decorate for Hallowe'en and scores of young children safely roam the streets collecting their booty.
At twilight Oma dressed up as a witch and escorted our adorable chicken daughter out the door and off on a brand new kind of adventure.
At the first house, the neighbors were giving away full size candy bars.  Now this is Naiya's first trick-or-treating year at the very first house.  The standard is set.
At the second house, another very kind neighbor drops the typical "fun-size" candy into Naiya's basket.  Our chicken looks into her basket then looks up at the neighbor...
"This is a very small candy," she tells her.  (Her entire trick-or-treating history of course is based on the single last house and the giant candy.  How else is she to respond?)
"Would you like another one?" the surprised neighbor offers.
"Yes please," Naiya says.
And we're off...

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