Wednesday, April 28, 2010

isabel and georgia

Naiya's cousins Hank and Gus have some cousins of their own (to which we are not directly related). (They're my brother's wife's sister's family.) The Jorys are a really lovely people that we don't know well, but each time we spend time with them, we feel delighted at their company. The eldest two of the three children are girls that Naiya loves from afar. Perhaps she has interacted with them more than I have witnessed but from my observation her contact with them is minimal. I was surprised then when a couple of seasons back she proclaimed that she had named her feet. Yes, named her feet. Named them after her cousin's cousins. The right one (the one with the freckle) is Isabel. The left is Georgia. This isn't a passing fancy. These names have been maintained for at least six months now.

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