Monday, June 21, 2010

summer solstice

The cold has passed; the ground has thawed; leaves have returned, and flowers are in full bloom. Crops have been planted, and the harvest has yet to come. We celebrate this season of growing, the apex of light, the longest day of the year, our first day of Summer! Today is the Solstice. (Sol: sun, Sistere: to cause to stand still)...  The day the sun stands still.
We commemorated this glorious day this year with many friends, delicious food and a blazing bonfire at the home of our gracious friends Chrisi and Bryan. The children delighted in the outdoor play and I was even able to fashion some fairy wings and “sunshine bags” (little throwing beanbags in the shape of the sun with trailing ribbons) to lend a tenor of the season to the chaos of their frolicking.

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