Monday, January 31, 2011

peter paintbrush

When we sat down to do our first Valentine craft today Naiya said she had something special for me.  "Hold out your hand mommy," she instructed.  She then held her paint brush and while brushing the palm of my hand sang,
Peter Paintbrush dances always on his toes (gently painting my hand)
Never on his bottom (crushing the brush into my palm)  Never on his nose (tapping the wooden end)
Always on his tippy, tippy, tippy, tippy toes (one "tippy" brushing for each finger and the thumb on "toes")

I'm always so delighted to share these special rhymes with her.  It's a glimpse into her precious time at school and the sweet happenings there to which I am so infrequently privy.   I'm also often surprised at her level of recall and the length and detail of what she remembers.

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