Thursday, February 10, 2011

valentine's story

I found this story at a Waldorf co-op site and have been telling it to Naiya as we work on the Valentine cards we're making for friends and family...

The Valentine Sparrow
Once upon a time, during the frigid winter months, there lived a tiny sparrow who was very lonely.  Because Father Frost was ruling the land, all the sparrows kept to themselves, fluffing their feathers to stay warm and hiding in the bushy trees for shelter.  They seldom ventured out except for a quick nibble of some seeds or a drink from a puddle of melted snow.  There was hardly any talking or singing because the cold winter air would simply freeze their words and songs before it could ever reach another's ears!
The lonely little sparrow's heart ached for friendship.  She simply could not wait any longer for the Spring Fairies to arrive when there would be much singing and talking and playing and eating.  But what could she do?  She was certain that everyone else must be feeling the same.
Then she had an idea!  Father Frost might freeze spoken words and songs, but surely he couldn't freeze a special note written on birch bark paper.  Carefully and patiently,  the lonely little bird began to create individual notes with special pictures and words for each of her friends.  The more she created, the warmer her heart began to feel and the loneliness began to melt away.  When she had finished, she waited for Father Sun to climb as high as he could so the air would warm a little...then she dashed through the crisp blue sky, darting from tree to tree delivering her beautiful creations.  You should have seen the amazement and joy on all her friends faces as they read her warm words and marveled at her colorful pictures!

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