Monday, April 25, 2011

wooden shoe tulip festival


On Earth Day last week we caught what we thought was going to be the last weekend of this year's spectacle but the Tulip Festival in Woodburn has been extended until May 8th!

If you're in the Pacific Northwest you'll know it's been a wet, wet Spring thus far.  Because of this the tulips got a late start but, as usual, now that they're here, they're bursting with all the Springtime glory that they're famous for.

If you get the chance, this is definitely an outing I'd recommend for the whole family.

It's a beautiful display of acres and acres of gorgeous tulips as well as some carnival type bouncy houses and rides for kids and, of course, the Cow Train!

When we told Naiya we were going to the Tulip Festival, the Cow Train was all she wanted to talk about.

I, on the other hand, am just in it for the flowers.

(It was beautifully sunny but quite windy and somewhat cold.  Since we forgot Naiya's hat, you' might note that she's wearing tights on her head...the only extra clothing we had on hand.)

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