Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pumpkins, pyramids, flowers and ferries

This year, once again, we visited the Phoenix & Holly Railroad and Pumpkin Patch at The Flower Farmer just outside of Portland in Canby, Oregon.  This adventure starts for us as we take the Canby Ferry over the Willamette River on our drive out to the farm.
The ferry is tiny.  It holds only six cars and takes a scant 3 minutes to cross the river.  It's a novel activity and although I don't get as giddy as Naiya every time, I enjoy the brief ride.
Of course, it's not nearly as fun as the pumpkin train at The Flower Farmer.  Two trains actually run the tracks there that take both kids and adults on a circuit that stops once at a small critter petting area and again at the giant hay pyramid and pumpkin patch.

The pyramid is fun to climb but also holds in its interior a small, dark maze that the children played in for over an hour.

With a bevy of pumpkins from Naiya's birthday already carved up at home, we didn't gather any more but did enjoy the hay, the play, the bursts of sunshine and the crisp Autumn day.

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