Monday, January 23, 2012

chinese new year

I don't know much about Chinese New Year (other than what I just looked up on Wikipedia), but today in her kindergarten class, Naiya ate sticky rice with chopsticks for snack as part of their commemoration of the occasion.  Each child brought her special child adapted utensils home and my dear daughter couldn't wait to show me her new skill.
2012 - year of the dragon...

(The chopstick for kids is made using the paper sleeve wrapper of the chopsticks and a rubber band.  The wrapper is rolled up and placed between the sticks.  The rubber band holds it in place as shown and effectively creates a kind of "spring" that pops back to the open position when the child lets her grip slacken.  It's kind of like giant tweezer.)


  1. My kids had 'chinese' lunch at school also yesturday! and came home with strange paintings on their face, I didn't like to ask at the time but now I realize they were meant to be dragons!!
    silly me!
    Do those chop sticks have elastic bands at the ends?

  2. Emma, it is in fact just an elastic band wrapped around the chopstick wrapper. I added a close up for you to see :)

  3. Thats a great way of starting them off with chopsticks! I've always encouraged our lot to use them (the hard way, without elastic bands!) when we had stir fries and it's amazing how proficient they have gotten over the years. So good in fact that when my oldest daughter went to China, she was a bit of a novelty!!
    You do have to use sticky medium grain rice, though.....;o)


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