Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today we saw our first snowdrops on the way home from school.

Mother Earth is already sending forth blossoming bulbs and today we marked this seasonal midpoint by gathering with friends to celebrate the infant light of Spring.  We reflected on the fading of darker days kept illuminated by hearth and candle and the much anticipated return of dear Father Sun with his natural, radiant light and warmth.

We gathered up candle scraps left over from Autumn and Winter and melted them down to create new votives and tapers for all the celebrations of the year yet to come. 

Candle, candle burning bright
Winter's half way done tonight
All a-glowing, we are knowing
Spring will come again...

A joyous Mid-Winter to you all.


  1. We also had a nice evening get together for Candlemas. I love your little cup candles. They seem perfect for little hands.

  2. Thanks for sharing, and the same to you.

    The baby lambs should be on their way shortly!

  3. Thanks for joining us Nicole! (I found Lucian's little hat and left it in your door cubby at school.) Naiya always enjoys the girls. And YOUR photos are so beautiful! :) Wish I could figure out how to take a picture of our new candles glowing in the dark...

    1. I got it - thank you!! We really need to just hang out and play with our cameras together more ;) I wonder if my lenses fit on your camera body... hmmmmmmmm

  4. Your Candlemas looks like it was lovely! I love the poem. Snowdrops are so pretty, I am eager to see our bulbs start popping up. :)

  5. Wonderful! We didn't manage to do Candlemas this year because of birthday celebrations, but we have in the past ( I love making candles. We should do this again soon.


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