Tuesday, July 24, 2012

walking stick medallions

   I remember seeing pictorial medallions like these in Europe (and didn't know they existed here) but, on our recent trip to The Tetons, we happened upon a woman with a walking stick decorated with them from various National Parks and other locations around the U.S..  Turns out you can get these things everywhere.

 I thought they would be great mementos of regions we explore with Naiya and fun collectibles that wouldn't take up much space or cost a whole lot of money.  (Collecting seems to be a huge interest at this age.)

 At a visitor center in Grand Teton National Park then, we picked up two (two since they were our first and we couldn't decide on one).

 When Ryan recently brought home a great driftwood staff, Naiya and I shined it up with a little beeswax and she helped tack on the medallions herself.

A new hobby is born.

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