Friday, January 16, 2009

how did we do it?

So I realize that people have all kinds of trouble potty training their children. We got pee in the potty in one day and poop in about two weeks. Go figure. It’s not like I have some magical touch. It must just be my daughter. I had read an email that was circulating around our neighborhood about how to potty train your child in three days. It essentially said this: 1) Let your child witness the throwing away of all the diapers and introduce her to big girl panties. 2) Set out the potty and tell her that’s where she needs to pee and poop. Insist that she must keep her new “big girl” panties dry. 3) Put her in a warm shirt, socks and panties with no pants and don’t leave the house for three days. 4) Give her lots of fluids and ask her pretty constantly if she needs to go pee (like every 5 or 10 minutes). 5) Praise her when she uses the potty. When she has accidents, tell her that what she did was “yucky”.
That was pretty much it, and that was about what I did. Except for the yucky part. I thought that was weird and that it would give her a complex. Both my husband and sister-in-law have odd stories of potty shame and we decided, you know, going potty, even accidentally on the floor, is nothing to be ashamed of. Oh, and we also decided after four sheet changes in one day that we’d give her a few months before we insisted on no pull-ups at naps and overnight. She’s still wearing those and she definitely doesn’t hold back when she’s asleep. She’s only two and a quarter though so we think it’ll be fine for a while. She never poops in the pull-ups. I think she doesn’t like the feeling.
We still wake up to a naked baby some mornings. I think she doesn’t like the feeling of pee in her diaper either and so takes it (and all of her other clothing) off as soon as she wakes.

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