Tuesday, January 6, 2009

potty training day four

Our first and second day of potty training went amazingly well. As I wrote previously, it took her about four big girl panties and maybe six hours to get the hang of the potty. She’s peed in it every time since. Poop, on the other hand, seems to have complicated our agenda. On the second day I’m not sure if she decided she just didn’t want to use the potty or if for only about the fourth time in the past year she just didn’t have to go all day. Because she didn’t. Day three came and went until 3:30 or so without incident and likewise without poop. I was beginning to have concern. We had been running errands (amongst which was purchasing another potty so I wouldn’t have to keep lugging the one we have up and down the stairs all day), and we got home rather late. I laid her down for her nap at 3:30 and within about 10 minutes she was calling me to clean up the poop. Again in her bed. This time in the pull-ups I thankfully had purchased for just such an incident. Does she just like to poop alone?

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