Saturday, September 26, 2009

old people, new people

We went to the Cider Pressing Festival out at Philip Foster Farm in Eagle Creek this Saturday. They had pony rides, folks making butter, blacksmithing, wood carving, places for kids to try out hand clothes washing and log cabin building and, of course, apple trees and presses for making cider. We got the last apples from the trees and ended up with less than half a gallon of cider but it was delicious. Probably the best part of the day were the fiddlers playing on the stage. Naiya especially liked the young musicians. At one point there were some folks even dancing. I pointed to them from across the field through some trees we were sitting under at the time. “Naiya,” I said, “Can you see the old people dancing to the violin music?” She looked over for a bit and then turned to me and asked, “Are there any NEW people dancing?”

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