Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Naiya likes to help out in the kitchen and today we were baking bread. I have this odd set of measuring spoons that includes three spoons with the following labels: smidgeon, pinch and dash. These are, to me, a little ridiculous. I thought they’d make a great addition to Naiya’s play kitchen though. As we were getting our ingredients and whatnot together, I disconnected them from the ring to which they’re all connected and put them on a smaller ring for small people kitchen play.
I talk a lot as we go about our tasks and play throughout the day and proceeded to describe the steps of the recipe I was then following. “Add one teaspoon of baking soda...”
“Which one is the teaspoon?” Naiya asked me (referring to the small spoons I had given her).
I picked one out and told her it was the teaspoon.
“Can I have some tea in it?” she asked.

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