Sunday, March 27, 2011

felted nesting egg heads

I've been wet felting some eggs in preparation for Easter.  (For those not familiar with this basic felting method, I'll post a quick how-to in a couple of days).  At the same time I've been trying to come up with small, non-sweets with which to fill our pastel packets as well as one or two larger items that the Easter Bunny might place in Naiya's basket.

In past years we've put a variety of objects into real, hollowed eggs including painted stones, crystals, little wooden animals, finger puppets, bead bracelets and dried fruit. The real eggs were cut open with a knife leaving a nickel sized hole on one end, emptied, washed, dyed, filled with a small something or other and then had their holes patched with white glue and a bit of grass green tissue.  These were fun for the children to crack open just like a real egg but really work better outside (where they can be crunched right on the ground).  Since our Easter Sunday's are unpredictably rainy and often indoors, I'm going for a mix of the soft felted eggs along with a clutch of the crackin' kind this time around.  (And I'm preparing in advance!)

As I sat last night with soapy hands felting away, I was mostly ruminating about larger items for the basket.  I remembered a beautiful wooden nesting doll that the Easter Bunny left a few years ago, and it suddenly occurred to me that eggs could be nested too!  Voil√†, with a few needle felted embellishments, the Nesting Egg-Heads were born.


  1. hee-hee, my current header has a picture of some of my eggy monsters. i love the idea of the nesting monsters!

  2. i saw these on your home page header and searched your entire craft archive to find them so I can pin them on my Pinterest board so I don't forget them. I have to make some of these, they are so cute.

  3. Sorry you had to search the whole craft section. I wish I could figure out a way to make those photos live links! Glad you enjoy them. You can just use the wet felting method shown here on a round ball to make them. After they're dry, cut a slit to get the ball our and blanket stitch the "mouth". The eyes and hair are just needle felted on at the end. Let me know if you have any questions about putting them together. I'm always glad to give any advice I can.


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