Wednesday, April 18, 2012

fairie fare

In preparation for the long anticipated arrival of the fairies in our garden on May Day, Naiya and I have been creating some tiny fairie nibbles.  While last year we used an old store of Super Sculpey to make dishes and serving ware, this year we're using Sculpey III, which is a colored version of the same oven-fire compound, to fill those platters with healthy goodness.  It's a fun and quick craft for kids who are able to roll balls and eggs and carrots without much help and, because the clay is already colored, there's no fussing with paint and all the surface protecting and clean-up that entails.

Naiya is at an interesting place in her imagination with this project.  It's seems very important to her to keep reminding me that the foods we make are not real, but she entertains the possibility that the Fairie Queen might magically make them real for herself and her friends before she actually eats them.

1 comment:

  1. We just bought some Sculpey today to make fairy food! Love it!


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