Thursday, July 21, 2011

fairies in the garden

 In the Summertime there's a lot of fairie activity in our garden.  They return from wherever it is that they winter right around May Day and spend the warm months frolicking and holding festivals under the ferns and arborvitae in our back yard.  We rarely actually see them but their presence is obvious.
This year on May Day they put up a Maypole and the Fairie Queen left Naiya a gift in a little wooden box on our back doorstep.  Since that time, she and Naiya have passed the box back and forth exchanging little treasures at random intervals. (Usually this happens overnight and when we waken we are surprised to discover that the Queen has taken what we've left for her or bestowed a little something in return.)
 Many of the received treasures have been gifted to friends and family but various carved stones, beads, fairie handcrafts and shells are kept by our dear daughter in a special little basket on her Nature Table.
 Our spritely friends don't seem to be there all the time.  In the mornings we sometimes see that they've had pretty spirited parties but other times they're gone for days on end.
  Often on nights when they return, they'll bring something to expand their ever-growing village and in the morning Naiya will delight in the new additions. 
 Recently we helped them out a bit by erecting this teepee (similar to the one we made for ourselves) for any visitors who might stop by.  Naiya has been sewing and stitched the little floor blanket herself.  The next morning we discovered that the fairies had once more hosted a gathering and had left the remnants of a small bonfire! Perhaps there was tiny marshmallow roasting?  Who can say...


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