Wednesday, June 20, 2012

midsummer fairy celebration

The fairies came and must indeed have danced all night and held quite a festival!  
When we woke in the morning we found not only a precious gift from the Queen but some pretty festive new decor in their garden.
We think these must be some kind of magical lamp (although they look interestingly like dried poppy pods).  We also discovered some sweet fairie-sized paper party hats.  All the cakes and cookies we had made the evening prior must have been gratefully gobbled up in the night.  Not a crumb remained.

More on our regular sized Solstice festivities to come...


  1. So cute, can I come over to play please?!

  2. What a beautiful celebration! I think you have a really lovely blog and have nominated you for a Beautiful Blogger Award. My post about the award can be found here:
    Thank you for sharing your days through this blog,

    1. Thanks Danielle! We've been away on vacation and just got back. I'll come check out your blog soon. I feel so honored for the award!


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