Monday, June 11, 2012

a twig throne for the fairie queen

On one of our recent Nature Walks, we brought home a giant basketful of twigs.  We had it in mind to make a little something for the fairies living in our garden.
 Perhaps a chair?
Naiya broke the twigs up into shorter pieces and I brought out my trusty glue gun and placed little dabs here and there.  That's all it takes really...a little dab of hot glue and a few seconds of pressure.  We attached our twigs together in a basic chair frame shape.  (I later snipped off the excess height of the frame.)
Onto the frame we attached more twigery (yes, I totally just made up that word) along the back of our chair and then laid slats across to form the seat.
Naiya decided it was a grand throne for our Fairy Queen and we placed it in her garden.  I think she will be ever so pleased.

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