Thursday, October 11, 2012

fruit loop

We try to make it most years to the Fruit Loop out by Hood River in the Columbia River Gorge.  It's another of our days of wholesome family fun on a 35-mile, scenic drive through a valley of orchards, forests, farmlands, and friendly communities. We stop at a few farms to sample delicious fruits and take our favorites home and also take part in some of the fun family activities hosted at Fruit Loop locations.
Our favorite stop is Rasmussen's where Naiya always loves the corn maze and gets a kick out of Pumpkin Funland.  This year it had a London Olympics theme.

a little goofy...

...but a lot of fun.

Our second stop was a new one this year. At Draper Girls Country Farm we got some delicious apples to add to the tasty pears we had picked up at Rasmussen and enjoyed the goats, the swing and a walk through the cornfield and orchards.

Our last stop on the Loop was also an old favorite because of the grand fort/castle structure that we so enjoy there.  Kiyokawa Family Orchards also has a delicious and extensive apple and pear selection. 

A few years ago we had taken this ridiculous photo of Ryan and Naiya playing in the super cool castle. 

Sometimes I have a strange wish to recreate goofy moments so I made them pose there again this time around. 

 It was an absolutely gorgeous day and, I'm not exactly sure why, but it was also one of the best family outings we have ever had.

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