Tuesday, October 9, 2012

harvest festival

The Autumn Harvest has long been a time to celebrate the plenty and hard work of the seasons just past. Traditionally ample food was available at this time of year and farming folk began to be freed up from long, hard working days.  In our lives, the bustle of the start of the school year, the backyard gardening and the girl-child's birthday have passed and we have a moment of pause before the holiday season begins.  

The weather is changing and the light is beginning to fade even as we hold on to the last days of sunshine and short sleeves.  It's the time of year when gratitude comes easily and many seem to feel genuinely thankful for all the goodness in our lives. 

We celebrate these internal and external changes with our Waldorf school community at the annual Harvest Festival.  It's a day of family fun that includes singing, square dancing, a puppet show, music, crafts and a community potluck.

Families bring the fruits and seeds of their home harvests for exchange and the children enjoy the simple activities and rambunctious outdoor play on the beautiful grounds.

We picked up a copy of the new community cookbook, carved our Halloween Jack-o-Lantern, made corn dolls and pumpkin necklaces and even got in a bit of square dancing after lunch.

Another lovely festival and traditional gathering to carry us into the coming season.

Golden light is turning grey,
Mists begin to rule the day.
Bare the trees, their branches lift;
Clouds of dead leaves earthward drift.
Through the field the farmer goes,
Seeds of ripened corn he sows
Trusts the earth will hold it warm,
Shelter it from cold and harm.
For he knows that warmth and light
Live there, hidden from our sight;
And beneath a sheltering wing,
Deep below, new life will spring!

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  1. This looks so magical (and the cookbook looks awesome!)


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