Sunday, August 14, 2011

beeswax day

In our home Sunday is Beeswax Day.
Many months ago everything changed when we learned to soften the wax in a bowl of warm water.

A gift for us from our friends the bees
To warm in our hands as we press and squeeze
Wax so sweet with honey scent
What can you and I invent?


  1. LOVE! I want to e-mail you but can't find your addy nor my parent book :( What is it? (

  2. Great idea. I have been holding off on the bees wax because I thought it would be to hard. Thanks for the idea. I love the poem.

  3. Thanks. We actually made this discovery in the bath! (Sounds a little strange but beeswax makes a great bath toy :)

  4. Oh my. You've just rocked my world. My littlest was just running around the house today eating his sister's wax that if often left unplayed with due to its hardness. Thanks! I love the power of a simple glimpse into another's space and day.

  5. We didn't know this little tip until recently. It's changed our world and made it fun where as before it was a little frustrating.

  6. Oh, I love the beeswax pond scene, and thank you for sharing the verse. Monday is beeswax day in our home, my littlest one would never let me forget it!


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