Sunday, August 28, 2011

laurel hedge art in the garden

Yesterday we made it to the Art in the Garden event at Laurel Hedge in Estacada.  We've been to this designer garden/boutique nursery before but attended this fourth annual art event for the first time this year.

Out of respect for the artists, I didn't photograph any of the work displayed around the beautiful grounds but I did get a few detailed shots of the garden that I didn't include in the last post highlighting this inspirational gardening paradise.

I wish I were more familiar with the botanical names and categories and had more photos of the unusual and interesting specimens of plants which highlight the many design concepts exhibited in the garden.  Instead what I tend to emphasize with my shots are the charming structures, fountains and statuary that the eye of my four year old pinpoints which subsequently draw my camera.

We especially liked watching the bees drinking from the bird bath this time around.

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