Wednesday, August 17, 2011

family day

Wednesday is Family Day.
Each day we have both a morning chore and an afternoon activity.  Wednesday, though, is just Family Day.
   I mentioned that I had oral surgery last week and, honestly, still feel a little out of sorts.  Since I haven't felt much like writing, I've been using this week to share our rhythm of afternoon activities.  Every day following Quiet Time, Naiya and I (and daddy when he's home) take part in some recurring pastime.  I usually call this "craft time" because many of our pursuits are arty/crafty but a few of our days deviate from classic crafts with time outside, in the kitchen or on some kind of adventure.  Wednesday (which, at the moment, is effectively part of the "weekend" in our home) is Family Day and is always great fun because daddy spends it with us.  We're often out on a local hike, visiting a farm or park, picking fruit in fields or an orchard or just playing together with those we love.

Bless all those that I love.
Bless all those that love me.
Bless all those that love
those that I love and all those
that love those that love me.

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