Sunday, September 18, 2011

easy waldorf doll coat

A while back Oma made this sweet Waldorf doll for Naiya.  Some of her clothes were purchased, but my mom, clever woman that she is, made the cute coat out of an old sweater.  Like me, mum is not a button hole maker and is kind of a stitch-it-quick sort of sewer.  I thought the idea so clever that I wanted to share it.

Since it was already put together this isn't a great pictorial how-to, but I think you can see how it was done fairly easily just by looking at the finished product.

The front two panels were taken from a button up sweater my mum pulled out of her clothing donation bag.  She cut the body/sleeve pieces with buttons already in place.  The bottom edge was the existing bottom edge of the sweater and so needed no finishing.

The back panel is a single piece including arms that was sewn by machine onto the two front panels.

The sleeve ends were turned inside to give them a finished edge and sewn in place with a very simple decorative embroidery stitch.

Lastly a strip of the sweater was folded over the top of the coat (as seen in the above photo) to make a collar.  Again, this was sewn on with a machine.

I don't know what kind of fabric this is but it doesn't seem to unravel on the edges.  That may not be true of all material.

I think she said this took only about 15 or 20 minutes to make.

Thanks Oma!  We love both sweater and doll (and feel inspired to sew some more simple outfits on our own).


  1. This is wonderful! The doll looks so snug :)

  2. Excellent..the end result is very finished but the method brilliantly simple

    Thank you both

  3. I like it. My little girl's dolls need new clothes...


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