Monday, September 12, 2011

gnomes in the garden

   Back in the day, I was one of those folks who thought garden gnomes were kind of tacky.  It's funny how having children with magical imaginations can change one's perception and judgment of the world. 
   This guy made his first appearance at Naiya's birthday party last year surrounded by a troop of toadstools.  After that festive event he somehow found his way to our back yard and every now and again we find him hidden under different shrubberies.  Sometimes he disappears for days then resurfaces, to our daughter's amusement, hidden beneath a fern or amongst the bamboo stalks.  I'm still wary of plastic pink flamingoes but I have to admit I enjoy this fellow quite a lot.

   Ryan sometimes tells stories to Naiya about Ladybird the Ladybug and a few months back, Ladybird came across a gnome in a tall blue cap (just like the one in our yard!)  I didn't hear this narrative firsthand, but I later learned from Naiya that the reason he (and all gnomes) appear to be statues is that they're only awake at night.  The sunlight apparently freezes them in their tracks.  How Ryan learned this bit of lore I do not know.  He's got some otherworldly knowledge that trickles out of him now and again.

   A few weeks later, another gnome was introduced in the Ladybird story.  This one had a racing snail and, wouldn't you know it, the next day he showed up in the back yard too.  They're sneaky little characters and oh so tastefully enhance our enchanted garden.

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