Tuesday, September 20, 2011

tea time

   As a part of our daily rhythm we have tea time each day in the afternoon.  Our meals and snacks are the anchors of our day and when the planned story-times, outdoor adventures, crafts and special activities slip through the cracks (which is frequently I must say), the moments when we sit down to eat together remain the regular beats in the pulse of our lives.
   Tea time, which falls between lunch and dinner, is Naiya's favorite.  It differs from all of our other meals in that it always takes place on the floor, picnic style.  We have a special cloth that we sit upon and we serve our tea from a sweet little kettle.  We usually also indulge in a small snack of fruit, veggies, toast or crackers.  (Sometimes we even have a muffin or, dare I confess, some cookie nibblets.) 
   We've been having tea time for so long, it's a wonder my little one is still so delighted each time we lay out our afternoon spread.  Maybe it's the special place or the promise of dainty serving dishes and cups.  Mostly, I think that she just loves the name.


  1. What a sweet ritual! She will always remember her tea time with you.

  2. What a sweet moment in your day! I was just thinking very recently that I wanted to begin having a tea time ritual every day with my own girls. I'm so glad you posted this.. I had forgotten this thought. ;)

  3. What a lovely time together! I may try this out with Carter.


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