Saturday, August 11, 2012

house party

Last year we started talking about having a party for our house.  The records are a bit foggy on the date but the general consensus seems to indicate that the old gal was built in 1912.  For those in Europe or even on the east coast of the U.S., I know our home is laughably adolescent but here in Portland, Oregon I think 100 is considered somewhat historic.  (Oregon itself only became a state on Valentine's Day 53 years before this structure came to be.)
Anyhow, we like hosting gatherings and sometimes we've got to think up an event around which to plan them.  Despite all its structural and cosmetic issues and less than optimal location, we love our old house.  We think it deserved a party for making it this long.
For kicks, I thought it would be fun to make a house shaped cake.  Let it be said that I have never attempted anything of this sort before.  Perhaps I never will again.
"You're not putting that on your blog are you?" my husband asked when I was snapping photos of my confectionery wonder.  I glared at him and he went on..."It's just not up to your usual high standards," he kindly added.
I let that go.
It is kind of sad.
Don't even mention its lack of dormers and porch rails.

My sister-in-law, Kim makes some amazing cakes in the likeness of an array of animals and book and movie characters.  Surely a boxy house would have super simple for her, but she's had practice and knows which materials would work best.  And... well, she lives in California (or I might have recruited her and her services).  I was doing my best and working with graham crackers and popsicle sticks!  Anyhow, the kids loved it.  Because what kid doesn't love cake in any shape.
And a party just isn't a party without the pointy hats.
Happy birthday old house.
 We hope you make it for a hundred more.


  1. What a wonderful idea, our first house was in Portland and built in 1916, so many wonderful details in the older homes. Your home is beautiful, and what a perfect idea for a party! :)

    1. Thanks. Before I owned one I had always loved old houses. I still do but they're sure a lot of work. I often photograph only the prettiest portions of our home. One day I'll have to share all the stained carpet, the singed kitchen linoleum, missing bits of trim and cracked ceilings... :)


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