Thursday, August 9, 2012


I've had a pretty on-again, off-again blogging record this Summer.  As our daughter gets older, there seems to be quite a bit more happening on the activity and entertainment front and so our outings and little vacations have taken precedent over time spent in front of the computer as well as time spent on crafts and stories.  I even missed posting about the ever elusive mid-summer celebration of Lughnasadh.  (Huh?  We'll talk about it later...)  Anyhow, my latest absence is related to another distraction entirely.
Last week our dear 10 month old cat Scarlett (half of the brother/sister pair that Naiya was gifted for Christmas) was in an accident.  It was a bit traumatic and I'll spare the gory details.  In the end, it turns out she is almost perfectly fine just a week later.  (Hurrah!)
She has a lower sympheal fracture.  This essentially means that her jaw was broken at its weakest point - right in the middle.  Her upper jaw and one of her canines were also fractured but didn't require surgery and are supposed to heal on their own.  The lower one is wired together (you can see the plastic coated wire protruding under her chin in the photo) and our poor kitty is now house bound for six weeks.  (For all those who think cats should be kept only indoors in order to avoid such tragedies as befell her, I'm afraid that even after this trauma, we'll just have to agree to disagree.  I understand the stance and I respect that choice but it isn't for us or for those cats destined to be part of our home.)  Scarlett is going batty in the house.  She pines at the door and stares longingly out the window for great lengths of time.
We're just so happy to have our healthy cat back as part of our family.
And blogging will soon return at its regular intervals...

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  1. Oh dear! I can imagine the battiness - my cats go absolutely ballistic when housebound (after a move for example) - they're enough to drive me batty too! One of mine hasn't been back for 2 days and I'm beginning to get very worried about her :0(


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