Wednesday, December 31, 2008

conversations with myself

I put her down for a nap around 2:00 pm and went down to wash dishes. The monitor was on and at some point she just started talking. Non-stop talking. After about 10 minutes I began to write it down. Sometimes it’s singing. Occasionally I can’t understand the words. There are lots of stuffed animals in there with her...

“...I want ice cream too. Very good. Bye bye bye. You want to walk around? Walking around. The bear wants out in the snow. Bye bye. I see you out the window. I go outside. Bye bye. I ride in the bike. Inside the car actually. Bye bye. I see you. I going. I going home. Own house. Outside. I going Oma’s house. Right now the market. Next time see piggies. They come over. I going? See cows right now. Everybody want a cow. Say moo right here. Cows eat a flower.
Twinkle, twinkle little star. (singing) How I wonder what you are. Like a whirring on my tongue. Over again. Like a whirring in my song. Rocking, rocking...I go home too.
Wearing own house? Mama go home with you. Mama go with you. Go home too with mama and dada. I see you frog. Go to mama dada’s house. I go too.
Walking in the woods . In and out. (To the tune of ”The Wheels on the Bus”) People on the bus in and out all through the town. (whispering...)
Good bye, so long, farewell (another song she knows)...I’ll see you soon again my friends. Goodbye, so long. Hug. Kiss. Mom and dad.
I go home too. I cama leaf (not sure what this phrase was, she kept repeating it). Good night. Goodnight dada, mama. I like you. Come out the window. I go home too . I cama leaf ? I gotta be careful. A leaf...
(long pause)
Naiya Naiya. Go in too. Go in her house. REAL Tall!! I bring in whole bunch of babies. Helping get out the floor. I see. Up, up, up, up up. In the horses. Special. Up and away. Go up too. Go fairy up. Go right up. Just go right up. Big girl. A pretty. Naiya go around. (humming...)
Go away Jill. Fly away Jill. Come back Jack. Come back Jill. Two toys to play with. Choo choo. Walla Walla bing bang. Nope. (humming...) Oooo, walla, walla bing.
Have you seen the baker man? (another song) The baker man. He’s driving. Have you seen the baker man. Lives on Drueeee Lane. Baker man. Baker man Morning, morning. Alright. Got the penguin. O hello! Yes. I go sleep right. I am go lay down. Thank you. Happy. Chub, chub...baker man. Uncle Slade too. There then. I see. I see us? A handle. Go up here too. Angel. Angel. A frog coming.
A park. A park. Very singing. Puppet. A puppet. There you are! You are a puppet...around around the rosy. Ashes, ashes. You all fall down. I sorry...”

(After about fifteen minutes I just stopped the transcription.)

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