Sunday, December 28, 2008

dolls for boys

I've been troubled of late by the lack of girls in children's literature...
...but I'll save that screed for another time. Today I'd just like to share something I found on a site called I don't know anything about this site really, and I'm not trying to get anyone to buy anything from it, but I thought this excerpt was worth reading...

“Dolls for Boys (and why to buy them)
...sadly, most boys in our culture are not given the opportunity to play with dolls. The outdated myth which suggests that doll play encourages femininity is still pervasive, so the vast majority of dolls are designed specifically for girls. When my son went to buy a “baby” for my grandson, he was disappointed to discover that almost every doll on the market is a female wearing a pink dress!
Many parents wonder why they should even bother to buy a doll for their boys. After all, they love playing with their blocks, trucks, and play figures. Here is why: doll play encourages children to model parenting behavior. It’s no accident that my grandson growls, “I eat your tail! I eat your tail! GRRRRRR!” when he plays with his dinosaurs. It’s also no accident that he says, “Ohhh. Sweet baby, sweet baby,” when he holds his baby doll. He pats him on the back and lays him carefully on the bed. Sometimes he even comments that the baby might be cold, and pulls the blanket up over him. Trust us, the dinosaurs don’t fair so well. My grandson is taught that babies (including his) are to be handled gently and spoken to softly. He talks nicely to his baby, and actually treats him with respect.
Will this translate into better communication and a higher degree of responsibility and intimacy in his adult relationships? We think so. The American public spends much time and money on books, t.v. shows, and therapy to try to figure out how to make their relationships work. Women consistently complain that their spouses don’t communicate enough, do enough around the house, spend enough time with the kids, etc. Yet, we don’t buy toys for boys that encourage these behaviors...”

Just something to think about.

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