Saturday, December 13, 2008

waldorf doll

I don’t know where this style of doll really originated. It seems to be strongly associated with the Waldorf movement and one can purchase a similar doll for around $100. All the parts are natural fibers (either cotton or wool) including the stuffing. Patterns are also available for something like $20 or $30 on various sites I’ve seen. Being the anti-pattern gal I am, however, I just made this child up. My first attempt at a doll for my daughter turned out proportionally quite strange. I sort of used her (my daughter’s) dimensions and then just shrunk them down. What I didn’t account for was the stretch of the fabric as I stuffed it. Consequently, the doll’s body is disproportionally large to her head when really it should be the other way around. She also has way, way too much hair. We named her Zarine. (Robert Jordan fans, this name's for you.)

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