Tuesday, July 19, 2011

laurel hedge

My dad is a Master Gardener and sometimes gets invited to special events around the Portland Metro area.  Last week Naiya and I joined him and my mother on a tour of Laurel Hedge in Estacada.  I like to post about places like this to highlight things to do in our local area (this private garden is open for viewing on Saturdays from 10-5) but also, there were so many interesting gardening ideas here that I thought all you folks far, far away might enjoy a virtual tour for your own outdoor inspiration.

Ten years ago this two acre property was a Christmas tree farm with nothing on it but rolling hills of rows of trees and an old farmhouse.  In just a decade two guys (with no one else's assistance) turned the property into the sometimes quirky, ever so creative, gorgeous garden seen here.

 These guys are also landscape designers.  It seems this garden (which surrounds the updated farmhouse where they now live) is more a hobby and labor of love than anything else. 
 They use a lot of found objects to create fun and magical spaces.  I think the glass doohickies on top of the rebar are antique utility pole insulators.
 In several places there is interesting use of pressed metal scrap.
 This sweet little "cottage" is a working outhouse complete with chandelier and running water.

 Remembering that just two people converted all this land, a pond this size is quite impressive.
 There are cool unorthodox elements like this up-cycled door archway throughout the garden.
 I like the stacking of stones.  The large galvanized tub is one of many water features spread throughout the grounds.
 And, of course, I had to get a shot of my lovely girl enjoying it all.  She's something of a outdoor tour aficionado with all the garden and farm visits we do throughout the year.

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  1. It looks like you guys up north are getting the same chilly-moist-winter (oops) meant-summer weather. :)


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