Tuesday, July 12, 2011

raspberry pickin'

Last week Oma and Opa came with us to Sauvie Island for our annual trek to pick raspberries.  This was our first berry outing of the Summer since we still have a freezer full of strawberry jam from last year and so skipped the strawberry harvest.
Unlike in years past, Naiya was able to collect quite a collection of berries herself although she still only goes for the choicest fruits on the vine.  She is full of suggestions and tips for all of the other pickers and may have slowed Oma down with her finicky directives.  Still, we all ended up with enough berries for eating and later in the evening brewed up eleven jars of delicious raspberry jam.
Blueberries were just beginning and although we got about a half pint to take home, most of them were still green and somewhat bitter (but this didn't stop our little one from at least trying them out).
Before we left the farm we spent a good hour playing around and about the 100 year old oak tree.  As the afternoon wind began to blow, Naiya navigated the "ship" with her various passengers to a multitude of exotic places including India, Hawaii and Cincinnati. 
(Hawaii to Cincinnati takes about ten minutes in a strong wind.)

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