Wednesday, November 23, 2011

a cup of joe, a cup of snow

We're in the midst of Autumn, but last weekend I had some time up in the Cascades and it was my first snow encounter of the season.

I didn't have Naiya with me and felt a little guilty about this first encounter of the year with Father Frost without her to share it.  I wanted to bring something home for my little one and having finished my morning coffee just prior to heading back down the mountain, I packed her up a travel mug of the fluffy, frosty stuff.  I wasn't sure what she would make of it and, I have to say, her initial impulse was a bit of a surprise.  When she opened the cup, she promptly asked for a spoon and ate up her taste of winter wonderland after garnishing it with a splash of maple syrup.

1 comment:

  1. such beautyful photos!! I miss the mountains bigtime!


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