Monday, November 7, 2011

there's a fungus among us

Mushrooms are cool.  They're everywhere around us at the moment.
I also love jokes for five year olds, so... here I am to torture you with two I remember from my youth...
Why did the mushroom get invited to the party?
Because he's such a fungi (fun guy)!
Why did he leave?
Because there wasn't mush room!

Please forgive me.


  1. Love your mushroom pictures, I am a big mushroom fan. Love the joke- LOL :)

  2. A mushroom-loving friend of mine has a license plate that reads "FUN GAL". Perfect for a bright and bubbly person who knows her 'shrooms. I like your mushroom photos...and you're forgiven for the corny jokes!

  3. Thanks John. Quite a compliment on the photos coming from a photographer! (I'm a total amateur and just take oodles of pictures until I get one or two that are nice enough to publish :)


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