Sunday, November 27, 2011

making advent wreaths

In preparation for Advent, a few members of our Waldorf community got together to make seasonal wreaths.  My good friend Chrisi has held this tradition, passed down from her grandmother, for many years, but for most of us it was our first foray into creating our own.  It was so surprisingly simple that I wanted to post a tutorial and encourage everyone to try these but with the first Sunday of Advent tomorrow, I don't think I'm going to get to it. 
Perhaps these in-process photos of our festive but relaxing day will inspire folks to look up a how-to elsewhere and give them a go at home.
We gathered in front of a cozy fire with a collection of branches, berries, pods and cones for all to share.  Chrisi, our gracious hostess for the day, gave basic instructions before each of us combined various elements to make unique and attractive wreaths for doors and tables both. 
We worked with pine, fir, larch, cedar, juniper, poppy pods and a few other shrubberies I was unable to identify.
Most of us built on a simple wire circlet (sometimes bent from a wire hanger), laying overlapping short clumps of greenery held on by florist wire.
Such inspired artistry and each one a unique expression of holiday spirit. 

After a delicious Thanksgiving leftover lunch, many warm and intimate hours of relaxed conversation and an inspiring day of story and tradition sharing, we brought home one smaller wreath (to which we'll add four candles) to use for our Advent table and daily celebration and one larger that I think we'll hang over the mantel. 

Thank you again to Chrisi for this wonderful day.  It seems another new holiday tradition has begun.


  1. These are beautiful! And what a nice tradition to get together with friends to make these.

  2. This looks even fancier seeing it on your blog!! It truly was a beautiful gathering and everyone's wreaths were so amazing!

  3. It really was Chrisi. Thank you so much again for bringing us all together and creating this new tradition!


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