Thursday, November 3, 2011


Halloween is coming, soon we'll be
Dressed in funny clothes and then you'll see
Pumpkins in the window shining bright
Oh we'll have a good time on Hallowe'en night

I've noticed that a lot of people have really strong feelings about Hallowe'en.  Some folks just can't wait to dress up in crazy, grotesque or provocative outfits, go to all sorts of haunted houses and parties or decorate even more elaborately than others do for Christmas.  Others seem to despise the very notion of the day for primarily religious reasons that I don't quite understand.  To each their own I think.  I can respect both ends of the spectrum.  Me, I'm indifferent to Hallowe'en.  Some years I've even forgotten it altogether and was only reminded when running into costumed folk in the grocery store whilst doing a little late afternoon shopping.

It's fun to see kids dress up though.  We dress up at least three times a week at all times of year  and I think it's kind of thrilling for children to have grown-ups join them in this delightful game they like to play.  Grown-ups, kids, everyone is playing and no one even had to convince anyone else to wear to most ridiculous hat.

Of course Hallowe'en changed for us a few years ago when our daughter became aware enough to know something strange was afoot.  We had our first go at trick-or-treating then and it was somehow much more magical than I had thought it would be.  Perhaps I had merely forgotten having, you know, grown up too much.  It was just fun to roam the streets in the dark with our lanterns and costume silliness and see everyone else doing the same.  That first year I also had the notable realization about what an unusual show of generosity and community this night is.  We dress up, knock on the doors of people we barely know and they welcome and greet us, smile and give us a sweet treat before wishing us well on our way.  Aside from all the ghouls and gore, doesn't it all seem so shockingly hospitable and benevolent considering the age we live in?  Maybe our wholesome experience is somewhat unique since we've spent Hallowe'en night for the past three years in the neighborhood where my parents live.  It's mostly small children out and about and a lot of the houses are quite done up.  It's like an after school special as dusk turns to darkness on tree lined streets with laughing children running hither and thither.  Everyone's just so darn friendly.  And they're giving us candy!  (I had forgotten how unbelievable that seemed to me when I was young.)

As those memories return, they're full of such simple, lighthearted joy.  So, despite some discussion of turning this day into a smaller, more nature based, sugar free affair, we'll likely continue this mainstream tradition.  Of course, we will somehow get rid of most of the candy.  She'll get to keep a few choice pieces of her hoard of tasty treats and the rest are destined to feed the Sugar Sprite.  (For more on the Sugar Sprite click here.)

However you all celebrated, we hope your Hallowe'en was as fun filled, happy and safe as ours.


  1. Such gorgeous, happy pictures! I think you should keep on doing exactly what you're doing - with smiles like that its obviously just right.

  2. I heard that little poem many years ago from my grandmother when I was a child. Funny it came to me last Tuesday and I was singing it to my band...Do you know it is by? Thanks for your time...Veronica

    1. What a lovely memory of your grandmother. I'm afraid I don't know who wrote the poem. It's something the kindergarten teachers used to sort of sing at my daughter's school as they walked to and from the playground.


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