Saturday, December 22, 2012

clothespin snowflakes - another advent craft

Back in Summer we were making suns and stars out of clothespins and all the while I was thinking they'd make much better snowflakes come winter.  So, basically, I'm re-posting those instructions and throwing a little cool colored glitter on in place of the warm tones we used before.

All that's needed are a bunch of clothespins and glue (and some glitter, if you're into that).  I've made them with both quick drying craft glue and a glue gun.  Actually, I'd say the glue gun works better.  Wood glue would probably work better than the craft glue as well.  (A few of our craft-glued creations fell apart a few weeks after making.)

Begin by taking all the clothespins apart.

(Depending on the specific size and shape of the pins used, the number needed for a complete circle will vary from about 22 to 30.)

 Glue the two separated pieces back together back to back.

(I have no idea what to do with the discarded metal springs.  If you think up a good use for them, let me know.)

(Wait! Note added Dec. 2013: I just found a great use for those leftover metal bits!  Check it out here.)


After they had dried, I glued the smaller ends together to form the snowflake shape.

To make an even, smooth inside edge, it helped to use a form to push the pins against.  For this circle, I found the perfect sized lid as a kind of mold.

They can be decorated with paint and/or glitter  or, of course, left in their natural state.

Since the sun is coming back (hurray!), perhaps we'll use one on our Nature Table to celebrate the return of the light as well.


  1. Looks fantastic as a snow flake. We made a multi-coloured one this summer after seeing your tutorial. It's been used as a door wreath and is now displaying a lovely christmas candle.
    Joyuex Noel.

    1. What a great idea to use them as a wreath. Thanks for the note Emma.


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